Friday, 12 May 2017


I completed the final promotional showreel for my video work.

And edited and exported the final exhibition sequences in two separate parts, after playing around with the lay out. I'm feeling happy with how it looks now for sure.

This week I applied for the DAS BA residency. I have never really found an attraction to any residency outside of a computer and technology based one, be that in ulster university or another, but this residency would provide me with such great oppertunities to keep working, and create better videos and installations and build better knowledge on how to use equpment and software whilst building exhibition knowledge and organisational skills to put to use with go girl exhibitions.

I also got a phone call from the organiser of local audio visual festival AVA about applying for the imerging artist award, which would provide me the oppertunity to promote my work in dazed magazine and around the Belfast scene more; so I have sent in my application for that, and I am in conversation with getting more involved after the degree show installation.

I have completed the final soundscape for my degree show exhibition. I have tested it using basic speakers within the space, and the other artist within the room has been considered and has agreed that it works with her work also. It is now a 9 minute 50 seconds track, whilst the video piece is half that time. Listen here :

Preparation for installation has well and truly begun. I have removed all of my video adn audio files from the universities computer and backed it up on a harddrive for future use. I have all of the hardware and equipment booked for the show which is a relief. And my books have arrived. Just finishing touches to be done to those with insertion of a commentary, which will be written and completed this weekend when I am away from uni.

I have made final adjustments and plans for the space to make it work for both my pieces in the one space. This has included building another wall which seems to be an issue. Regardless I will make this work for the degree show, because it has to.
See plans and measurements below.

I have completed the basic construction of the sculptural viewing box for the degree show, with exception to the fabric aspect. I believe that once the room is built and painted, I will be constructing the fabric to fit the specific installation and it should only take a day.

I have exported the final version of my Haptic installation video for exhibiting. It is 2 videos, and both are fully functioning and look great. I can't wait to see them in the space now!

I have burned a DVD of my showreel to pop into my portfolio book when it arrives. Fingers are crossed that it arrives now.

I have spent some time this week revisiting my websites and blogs and getting others to also check them out to see if they are user friendly. I feel good about how they look and I think that they are all up to date and looking good.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017


I finally figured out how to export the 4-way sequence with a blur/blend into one another by following a spanish youtube tutorial (it wasn't the easiest). I am so happy with how this has turned out and the next task is to export it in two halves so I might be able to project is using multiple projectors!

Now that I feel my video works are complete, I have created a showreel from all of the work from this year (see below). It's very basic but I am happy with the body of work I have to show for my work as The ASMRtist over the past few years.

Now I plan to create a showreel for promotional work which includes video work that I have made outside of my university practice.

I worked on my statement, which I'll paste below. It's a first draft but a decent push ahead on finishing it.
"""ASMR is an initialism for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response; an experiential phenomenon that is commonly described as a mild euphoric tingling sensation on the skin that develops on the scalp and moves down the neck and spine. It is triggered by a wide range of audio and visual stimulants such as whispering and softly tapping. There is an online community on YouTube built upon creating and sharing videos that trigger the sensation of ASMR. The social community motivates and inspires my personal practice as content creators upload innovative approaches to tactile perception through digital media and intimacy through sound design.  

My video work draws on the theme of shared experiences of triggering ASMR and references shared memories with emotional and nostalgic identities. I am fascinated by the embedded qualities of visual work made by outdated hardware and software that age and bring viewers to identify it with a sentimentality.

The performance aspect of the work brings oppertunity for exploration of sensuous qualities within digital media. The work rarely produces in the way I anticipate as I find impulsive fixations on specific bodily moments and different flows during the performances which often changes the direction of the work.

My aim is to build a physical relationship between the viewer and screen by squeezing a sense of touch from digital media, in an attempt to engage a gaze that calls to powerful sensory associations. The installation aspect of exhibiting my work encourages the viewer to become immersed within the imagery and soundscapes as they engage with the space and sculptures."""

I plan to complete the first draft of my commentary and complete my statement by the start of next week.

On Wednesday I spent the day booked into the dark room studio space in order to experiment with displays and introduce the sculptural piece I created at home. Should I be offered this space for my degree show, I now imagine I would like to exhibit both works together, as the working progress of a soundscape would piece well together for both works, and the nature of emerging a person into different ways to view video work is complimentary to each work.

There are still a few more days left on this piece before its near completion. I want to attach a few panels to the back of the box that match the dimensions of the tv screen. I want to attach a few more sheets to the overall structure to over the entire area, and block out light bleeds. I experimented with the lights to find what worked best, and I believe it looks best in the dark. Its enticing and dreamy to me. Plays into ideas of entering a trance state when watching tv late at night as a child.

I then spent a big of time with organising the projectors around the space to see what would work within the space. First I tried crossing two projectors to project into a corner. The issue here was that there was a big pipe sticking out of the wall which stopped the two projections meeting in the middle along the corner to blend together the imagery. I really enjoy how this sort of set up allows for the viewer to get in closer to the walls, and immerse themselves within the imagery.

As I still have to figure out whether the space would be that in which I would be offered, I tried out a few other techniques, including the basic one wall projection. I think it works absolutely fine as a way of displaying my work, but it didn't cover as large a space as I had hoped it would. 

I then experimented with using two projectors keeping within half of the dark space, which does cover a little more surface, but where the two projectors over lap, there is a very visible stripe down the middle which isn't noticeable with the corner projection. So I am definitely ruling that one out.

For experimentation with the projectors, I was only offered a DVD standard of projection quality so I hope that I will be able to get a better quality set for the degree show as my work is larger than the standard HD. Fingers crossed.

I resketched the final set-up illustrations for a revamp of my proposal and sent it off to be okayed by tutors, and also included it within my portfolio catalogue, along with some images from above to show the installaion aspect of my work.

I finished up the entire portfolio and sent it off to be printed so hopefully it will arrive with plenty of time to spare.

Friday, 28 April 2017


My loan came in so I was able to send away for my business cards and 2016 portfolio, which is a weight off my shoulders to know that that is complete. I cannot wait to see how they look in real life.

The portfolio I've been working on for work from 2017 is nearly complete, so I am in the middle of drafting up a commentary and statement with my supervisor. I really struggle at this aspect of my degree, but hopefully I will get the right collection of words to describe my practice come to me in the night and bash them onto paper.

I have revisited the Pink Noise footage in an attempt to better the soundscape and longer the footage a little. It now sits and 1 minute and feels like a more complete work of art. See below. There is a possibility I will exhibit this for my degree show.

I plan to continue working on the sculptural installation box this weekend and bring it back to Belfast. It's just I started working on it at home with my father's tools.

This week the majority of my time went into trying to understand how to edit all four installation videos into a smoother visual sequence where each video work melts into the next through some sort of blur tool. I thought it would be much easier than it has been to figure this one out without help. The internet seems to be letting me down on resources for this one. I have been trying to figure it out for hours and hours. I've contacted plenty of my friends who work in video and nobody seems to have a clue how to do it... but I will overcome and figure it out!

I had a meeting with my supervisor who has advised me to get in and start testing my final installation ideas. I've booked into the space that I want for my degreeshow next week, so hopefully by then I will have finished making my installation sculpture and I will have an edit completed for then so I can start making big shapes.

I also had a meeting with Aisling about my webpages (which I have updated since) and about my statement and commentary. I have been dreading writing about myself, but I must get it complete this weekend as next week will be my last oppertunity to meet my tutors ahead of the installation of the degree show.

So this weekend I will work on:
completing my video edits
complete the construction of my sculpture installation box
and work on my statement and commentary

Friday, 21 April 2017


This week I spent working on my portfolio of work from 2016, and my portfolio for 2017. The portfolio for the whole of last year is pretty much finished and will definitely be sent for printing next week when I am paid.
I just have a few little bits to fix up and add in for my portfolio 2017, but it is no longer a major task or worry to me and I can only go this far with it until I write my artist statement and complete my installation preparations.

Speaking of, I have began to build my sculptural installation box for the degree show (all going well). It has taken so much more work than I imagined so I will likely have to come back to it next weekend after a week in Belfast (for work and uni) and complete it before I can test it out using footage and projections.

I have also finalised designs for my business cards and that will also be sent off for printing when I get enough money to pay for it. Expensive jobs.

I've been thinking about creating a showreel for my final catalogue, and a promotional showreel to show the skills I've acquired since attending uni, in a commercial style. I think it could be important to provide both upon graduating to display both aspects of video work I have been working with. It'll take a bit of time, but I think it would be important for my professional practice, so I've started planning it.

Thursday, 6 April 2017



  • 2 x video installations.
         1 x sculptural (yet to have precise measurements)
         1 x video projection.

  • Sculptural space can be in a light or dark space (preferably in the dark space along with other installation). It will need to be fixed in a corner, with a power supply.
  • Video installation should be in a dark space projected into the corner.



    1 x TV monitor (mikomi)
    1 x DVD player
    2 x projectors that are the same (and depending on what type, I will need DVD players if its not HD)
    2 x shelving brackets
    Walls built to create a square room.
  • I will need plugs for both installations.
  • The room installation will have speakers that will fill the space with sound.

WEEK OF ASSESSMENT:Any final touches, extra time set aside just in case of emergency. Assessment Tuesday.

Pencilling out painting plans, and painting wall space for projection.
Bring sculptural piece into space and install.
Install projectors and security measurements.
Install speakers.
Make sure all the videos work, and soundscapes work.

Portfolio book must be sent off for printing by Monday.
Finish showreels.
Update all webpages with artworks, statements and links.
Complete editing of the final sequences.
All blogposts up to date.

Soundscape must be complete.
Preparation for installation (buy paint, organize computer files off of the university's hardware and onto a harddrive)

Play around with different projectors, spaces and sizes. Finalise what projectors I will need and book them for the degree show. Figure the logistics of how I will be able to do a larger space projection and hang the projectors safely.
Editing final sequences and soundscapes.
Finalize statement and commentary.

Make a Showreel for portfolio book.
Continue working on portfolio book.

Editing final sequences and soundscapes.
Writing statement and commentary.

Work on completion of sculptural installation and bring to Belfast at weekend.
2016 catalogue off for printing.
Business cards off for printing.

2017 portfolio near completion.
Continue working on creating a soundscape for installation room.

Friday, 31 March 2017


This week I attended a group crit of our current work ahead of the degree show. I decided to exhibit my four videos together in the one single standard projection in the dark space. Despite this not being the correct way in which I hope to exhibit my videos, I am still very pleased with how it worked as a means to exhibit the work in a larger scale than a mac screen. Many of the other students picked up on themes that I was trying to experiment with within my work; such as touch, gaze, and smooth filming. I am very excited to get experimenting with projectors.

I also attended a meeting for my degree show about dates, times and plans. I now must spend the weekend writing up my proposal, which will hopefully give me more clarity in what I have to achieve in the next few weeks.

The majority of my time this week went into updating my social media presence and websites. I updated the photographs found on my Facebook page VENT and displaying more of my portfolio. I tidied up my YouTube Channel and the description boxes. I added blog links to my website, and visa versa. And I updated my VENT blogger face, and the ASMRtist blog, catching up with old blogposts.
I'm nearly finished with my business card designs getting set for printing, and I think my website is nearly sitting at the place I want it to be. Focusing on completing my 2016 portfolio book next week, and get my ASMRtist catalogue to a nearly finished state.

Friday, 24 March 2017


This week I began to work on another Lego sequence. I was able to organize two ladies to join me on this one; Ruth who was originally in my first attempt of shooting the Red sequence, and Aimee who is another student at my university studying illustration. Aimee has very long and thick hair which I thought would make for a great hairplay tactile video. I took the girls out to the park and plaited Aimee's hair placing lego pieces into the different sections. Ruth then took a minute to remove the plait, brushing through the hair with her fingers and removing the lego pieces on camera. The shot then moves on to Aimee's hands digging through the natural earth and grass. 

I am extremely happy with the footage as the sequence was shot very smoothly, timing was perfect, the triggering and tactility aspects of the image translated perfectly and both of the women were amazing to shoot (both have amazing eyes and gazes and were very easy to direct).

Usual edits again; slowing down the frame rate to 50%, adding colour correction and adding grain to image, trimming the footage to 4mins 55 and centering the image.

I started this week by attending a lecture about projectors, how to use them, and the different types in which I will be able to rent in the run up to my degree show and for the show itself. It really inspired me in getting good ideas as to what I am going to be able to achieve for my final show. 
This week I focused a lot of my attention to the professional practice module of my course. I had a meeting with a few classmates and my module supervisor to review the work I have done up to this stage.
I felt that my website was developed well enough that I would only need small fixes, but after the review I had a long list of work that I needed to do to better the site.
I have fixed it up and I think I only have little switches that I need to do after I have completed all the work for my degree show - find it here (

I've been refining my bios on other webpages and plan to continue working on my Facebook page next week. I've updated the works page on my blog, and getting the youtube description boxes looking slick and informative.

I have started working on my physical catalogue/artist book, and I have designed my business cards too. I'm slowly making progress as the end is looming in.